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 News and Gossip 

Here's the scoop...


Tsianina is in a movie with Cuba Gooding Jr. called 'Boat Trip' the movie trailer is attached to the movie 'Blue Crush'.  It appears as though Tsianina is playing a blind woman.  From the trailer it looks like Cuba Gooding Jr. and a friend of his go on a cruise after Cuba proposes to his girlfriend and she says no.  The cruise ends up being a gay cruise.  The ship ends up saving some women, Cuba and his friend pretend to be gay to try and hit on them.  Eventually Cuba's girlfriend finds them on the cruise to try and fix things with them but she thinks he is gay.  It is unclear how big of a part Tsianina will have in the movie but I'll keep you updated as I find out more.  The trailer lists the movie and Coming Soon.

IMDB Link to 'Boat Trip'

Tsianina is currently in Europe filmig a movie with Cuba Gooding Jr. The movie is reportedly about a gay cruise. I'll keep you updated as I find out more about this latest movie.-provided by an anonymous source.

Tsianina did appear in American Pie 2 but her part is very short and most of her part seems to have landed on the editing room floor. If your going to see this movie because of Tsianina you will be disappointed (not in her but in the movie) if not you should enjoy it.

Magazines and Interviews

March/April 1999

Official Xena Magazine
Issue #17

FHM Magazine
Current Issue (August or September issue)

If you know of any magazines that she has been in that are not posted here then please e-mail them to me!


Tsianina is going up to Portland, Orgeon during Christmas and she may be dancing with the Portland Trailblazers like she used to do.-thanks to ashleyiscool21 (I think she is Tsianina's niece)

Tsianina is rumored to be starring in a new movie called 'A Girl's Best Friend'...I'll keep you updated as more information becomes available!

Tsianina is rumored to be appearing in this summers movie 'American Pie 2' as a character named Amy.


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