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I hope to one day have a interview from Tsianina Joelson here but for now here is a interview with the amazing Adrienne Wilkinson (Eve). I wish to send out a very special thank you to Adrienne Wilkinson for taking the time to answer these questions...Thank you.

Adrienne Wilkinson Interview


1. What was the Xena set like?

Fun. Its a great cast and crew and its a very comfortable atmostphere. Its a huge group of people that make the show and its nice that they all get along so beautifully. We film in a new place with almost every episode and that always makes it an adventure.

2. What is your most memorable episode? Why?

I have special memories of all of the episodes... but perhaps my most 'memorable' was Who's Gurkhan. I didn't work much in that episode, but I loved my scenes with Lucy and Renee- I thought they were some of the best we'd ever done. I also LOVED this scene I had with Greg Lee, but unfortunatly it was cut out of the show. Michael Hurst was a brilliant and amusing director who loves to try new and different things, and it was great to work with him. Its also the only time I've ever filmed out on the ocean, and it was Amazing. Just beautiful.

3. You worked with Tsianina Joelson on the episodes 'Coming Home' and 'Path of Vengeance' what is she like in person?

Beautiful and fun. We got along SO well, and became good friends. She is very funny and fabulous to be around. Also the best 'fighter' I've ever scene. She's a great athlete an just really made the choreography come alive.

4. I've read that you two are friends was it hard to create the onscreen tention between the two characters (Varia and Eve)?

Not hard, but amusing. I can't even tell you how many times we would just crack up laughing right in the middle of scenes. We both played such extreme characters that were nothing like we are in real life- and we had to have a great sense of humor about it. But that only made it even more fun.

5. In the episode 'Coming Home' the Amazons had a chain around Eve's neck and they were pulling her around. What was that like?

Not that bad. It looked great. But really I was the one thrashing around and the other girls would just make sure to take up the slack so that it looked like they were in charge. That 'collar' around eve was a last minute addition and it looked very scary, but everyone was gentle, so it wasn't bad at all.

6. What are Lucy and Renee like?

Everyone asks this question, and my answer is always the same- they are lovely. Absolutly brilliant to work with. They both taught me so much about action scenes and fantasy shows. As people they are both beautiful spirits, and as the characters they are genius.

7. What are your plans for the future and do you have any upcoming projects?

My plans for the future are extensive. There is so much I want to do, and so many projects that I want to explore. I am looking for a very diverse career, so I hope there will be many different projects for people to see. Most recently I finished a recurring role on MTV's Undressed that will air this summer...and I'm in the middle of shooting a movie right now called 'Scavenger Hunt'. Everyone should keep checking my site www.adriennewilkinson.com for more information and updates.

8. You have had the pleasure to work with some talented actors and actresses which one has left the biggest impression on you and why?

They've all left an impression - and hopfully they have all left a bit of their skill as well. Its wonderful to work with good actors- it makes you better and you learn from them all the time. They challenge you and it lets you discover even more depth to what you've created.

9. What is the biggest difference between New Zealand and America?

People in NZ are much more casual and care free. Far less stressed and worried than Americans. They are so nice and helpful and very respectful of everything- the land, other people,beliefs, etc. It is also the most beautiful place I've ever seen - just gorgeous!! I loved it. It is tiny though. You can practcally drive the entire country in a weekend, and there isn't a huge amount of opportunity there. They are limited by space and economy. Its a wonderful place to visit though.

10. Who is your biggest role model? Why?

I have new role models everyday. I am inspired by so many people and so many situations all the time. There is so much waiting to teach you and motivate you if only you are open to it.

11. What are your favorite past times?

I read constantly. and I love to dance. I enjoy hiking, movies, theater, and traveling.

12. Do you ever watch the Xena episodes that you were in?

I hate watching myself on screen. I don't know why - but yes, I've recently had to watch everything I've done of Xena to update my 'reel'. I was really in awe of many of the episodes. The finished product was even better than I had expected, and often very different than I had imagined.

13. What were your worst and best experiences on the Xena set?

Worst...having to choose between Xena and the music project I was involved with. I absolutly feel I made the best decision, but that was a hard moment because so many people were counting on me and I had to disappoint someone. It all worked out for the best though. Best.... would have to be just filming. Even when it was miserable- it was wonderful and this great adventure. I loved filming on location and getting to really experience so many new things.

14. Were their any practical jokes played on the set? If so describe the best ones.

Not while I was around. There are always bloopers and funny moments, but not practical jokes.

15. If you change anything about yourself what would it be? Why?

I worry far to much, about everyone, and everything. I try to fix everything I can and I really need to learn to let things go sometimes. It fabulous to know that people can count on me..but it would also be nice to just worry less....